Karaoke Sound Tools 2

Karaoke Sound Tools 2 is a very user friendly program for processing karaoke audio.

Karaoke Sound Tools

It includes three components:

Vocal Eliminator
  • Eliminate vocal elements from CD song tracks.
  • Adjust the level of bass and treble.
  • Eliminate vocals from non-centered sound tracks utilizing the balance control.
  • Control the level of vocal removal and output attenuation

Key Controller
  • Change the key of the song to fit the singer's voice.
  • Adjust the key in half note steps from -12 to +12.
  • Key adjustment does not change the tempo of the music.
  • BIN and MP3+G karaoke files that contain lyrics can be processed.

Tempo Adjuster
  • Increase or decease the speed of the song
  • Tempo can be changed from from 200% slower to 200% faster.
  • Changing the tempo does not change the key of the song.
  • Does not effect lyric synchronization of karaoke files.

BIN, MP3+G, MP3, and WAV files are supported.

A unique feature of this software is its ability to change the tempo of a BIN or MP3+G song while simultaneously keeping the lyrics synchronized.

Advanced Preview
  • Real time monitoring of the processing.
  • Position of the playback can be controlled.
  • Looped playing feature for fine tuning selected portions of a song.

Other companies sell these tools separately at high prices but are unable to measure up to the quality of Karaoke Sound Tools.

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