Karaoke DVD Burner

Karaoke DVD Burner is a software application for collating and burning Karaoke DVD's from CDG discs and MP3+G files allowing you to play karaoke songs on a regular DVD player. Hundreds of songs can be added to each DVD.

Karaoke DVD Burner

  • Make compilation DVD discs from CD+G songs.
  • Make compilation discs from YouTube karaoke videos (once converted to AVI).
  • The songs from many CD+G discs will fit on a single DVD.
  • Virtually any DVD burner can be used to burn the DVD.
  • Downloaded MP3+G files are supported.
  • Multi-level menus allow you to easily choose songs from the DVD discs.
  • Customize the DVD discs to your liking.
  • Scan the hard drive for karaoke songs to be added to the DVD.

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

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